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Long Zhong Tang

Not All Tcm Physicians are the same standard. 

At Long Zhong Tang, we have the experience and expertise to sort out whatever medical conditions you may have. Prof Zhang has more than 40 years of experience dealing with countless complex medical conditions. Both physician Goh and physician Tan also have many years of experience and are very responsible physicians. 

Do you have a sleeping problems? Do you feel lethargic all the time,even with enough hours of sleep and rest? 

Do you feel very uncomfortable after eating and get easily bloated? 

Do you feel there is something wrong with your body,even though you have been given a clean bill of health? 

Why do so many healthy people die while jogging? 

All these and a lot of other problems, we have the answers for you.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has now acquired a status almost equivalent to other homeopathic and allopathic disciplines. As diseases grow in complexity and frequency of occurrence, more and more patients are turning to the nearest TCM clinic to ensure a speedy and permanent recovery.

And as an established TCM clinic, Long Zhong Tang has respected centers of TCM excellence. That’s because:

  • we have one of the most experienced teams of Acupuncture, Tui Na and other Traditional Chinese Medicine experts in the industry
  • our TCM practitioners are well respected across the region, including Hong Kong, China and here in Singapore
  • our TCM clinic focuses not just on treating symptoms, but we’ve perfected the healing art of treating root causes of major illnesses
  • we have created an enviable track record at our TCM clinic where patients, who were disappointed by other forms of treatments, have been effectively treated for their underlying illnesses by our in-house Traditional Chinese Medicine specialists

All of this sets the Long Zhong Tang Traditional Chinese Medicine practice out amongst its competitors.

And to highlight our commitment to Traditional Chinese Medicine in the region, we are now pleased to announce the formation of our latest TCM clinic branch, located in Duxton Road.

While offering other Traditional Chinese Medicine options to our patients, the latest TCM clinic in our fold specializes  in:

✓ Chinese Orthopaedic

✓ Chinese Medicine

Patients suffering from conditions requiring specific attention in these two areas will benefit greatly from our Bugis Branch TCM clinic.

Functioning under the watchful oversight of the same management team of Long Zhong Tang Traditional Chinese Medicine experts, our latest TCM clinic is committed to delivering the same level of excellent patient care that we are renowned for.


Consultation Prices

Tanjong Pagar HQ Clinic
  • First Time Consultation - $30
  • Repeat Visit - $25
  • Acupuncture - $25 to $80
  • GuaSha/Scraping Therapy - $25
  • Moxibustion- $25
  • Hospital/Home Visit with Transport - $150
  • Hospital/Home Visit without Transport - $190
Chinatown Branch
  • First Time Consultation - $20
  • Repeat Visit - $15
  • Herbal Powder Prescription - $10/day
  • Acupuncture - $25 to $80
  • GuaSha/Scraping Therapy - $20
  • Moxibustion- $20
  • Fire Cupping - $20
  • Combination Treatment - $45 

Schedule Your Next Visit

CALL 6223 6398 (Duxton) / 6295 5868 (Kreta Ayer) For Appointment Now

Frequently Asked Questions

I want to set up my appointment. How to contact you?

CALL 6223 6398 (Duxton) / 6295 5868 (Kreta Ayer) For Appointment with our TCM Physicians.

You can also email us at enquiry@longzhongtang.com

Where to find your clinic?
What to prepare on my first visit and what should I expect?

Every TCM medication starts with a thorough consultation. You will be assessed by our expert physicians and will recommend effective Traditional Chinese Medication that will suit your needs.

Do you have concerns? Ask us.

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Long Zhong Tang Pte Ltd


36 Duxton Rd Singapore 089500  
(Near Tanjong Pagar MRT Station) 
Tel : (65) 6223 6398 
Fax : (65) 6223 3861 
Consultation Hours : 10am-7pm  
(Closed on Wednesday and PH)
(Tuesdays closed at 1pm)


Blk 333 #01-27 Kreta Ayer Road
Singapore 080333
(Behind Kreta Ayer People’s Theatre)
Tel : (65) 6295 5868
Fax : (65) 6223 3861 
Consultation Hours : 10am-7pm  
(Closed on Sunday and PH)
(Tuesdays closed at 1pm)